Non-Profit Awareness

These organizations are small, nimble, and can quickly get tangible resources to people in need.

Steph Kennelly
8 min readFeb 5, 2021

I am a self-proclaimed signer-upper. So when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2020, I navigated it the best way I knew how: Sign up, everywhere, for everything! Like Mr. Rogers says, “Find the helpers.”

In this post you will read about small non-profits. They don’t have big advertising budgets or fancy 5ks. They rely on word of mouth and people paying it forward.

You can follow these organizations on social media and sign up for their newsletters. Share with friends and family, especially thoes touched by cancer. Help the helpers!

Then, I would encourage you to pick one (or two) from the list and donate. Even a modest donation of $5 or $10 can make a huge impact on what they are able to accomplish. Also, most of these organizations are able to roll almost 100% of your donation into tangible, feel good products and services for cancer patients.

I was so inspired by these amazing organizations, I started my own program! I am fortunate to partner with an amazing non-profit. Learn more about my program, and their other programs, on the INDY webpage.


GVL Thrive

Product/Service: Vacations to Minnesota’s Grandview Lodge Resort

Description of Support: Minnesota residents currently in treatment (any cancer) can apply. Recipients receive 3 nights, a gift card to cover food, and a gift bag upon arrival.

Click the underlined subtitle to navigate to the donation page. The image caption is the Instagram handle. Go ahead and sign up!

(Organizations listed in alphabetical order. Click name to go to donate page.)



Product/Service: Gift bag and classes

Description of Support: 2Live2Cure ships gift bags to (any cancer) patient. Their services are local in Oregon, but since COVID they have been offering yoga and art wellness classes online.

Note: you just have to pay for the shipping.


Angel Foundation

Product/Service: Emergency Financial Assistance

Description of Support: The Angel Foundation provides patients in Minnesota (any cancer) patients with financial support. The best way to access these funds is via your medical social worker.


Cancer Card Xchange

Product/Service: Gift cards

Description of Support: Cancer Card XChange provides (any cancer) patients with a one-time gift card. Patients need to fill out a simple form and provide a diagnosis verification letter.



Product/Service: Social media

Description of Support: CaringBridge is a communication platform for (anyone) going through a health journey. It allows closed, private communication with family and friends.


Cleaning for a Reason

Product/Service: Cleaning

Description of Support: Cleaning for a Reason will connect (any cancer) patient to a local cleaning company. The local company will reach out and prearrange two times to come in for a full house clean.

Christina S. Walsh Breast Cancer Foundation

Product/Service: Direct financial assistance

Description of Support: Christina S. Walsh foundation provides patients (breast cancer), once approved via applicaiton, with cash to offset personal or medical expenses.


Firefly Sisterhood

Product/Service: Peer Coaching

Description of Support: Firefly sisterhood matches a (breast cancer) patient with a mentor for the course of treatment. Mentees can be assigned multiple mentors.


Compassion that Compels

Product/Service: Gift Bag

Description of Support: Compassion that Compels is a Christian organization that roots each gift in scripture. They provide bags to (any cancer) patient in treatment.


Good Wishes

Product/Service: Headwear

Description of Support: Good Wishes provides (anyone) going through hair loss with a medical condition one head covering. Choose either sewn cap and wrap scarf.


Hallie Strong

Product/Service: Socks

Description of Support: Hallie Strong sends two pair of fun socks to (any cancer) patient.


Hello Gorgeous

Product/Service: Gift bag and classes

Description of Support: Hello Gorgeous sends a red box with quality full sized cosmetics to (any cancer) patient. For $35 to cover shipping and handling of the products, it also includes a coaching session via “virtual makeover.”


Hope Chest

Product/Service: Monetary grants for mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries, etc.

Description of Support: Hope Chest provides (breast cancer) patients in Minnesota with grants for non-medical expenes.


Hope Scarves

Product/Service: Scarves and hats

Description of Support: Hope Scarves connects (any cancer) patients with a scarf or hat worn by a previous cancer thriver (and the story). It is like the sisterhood of the traveling scarf!

Note: Must pay for shipping.


Impact One

Product/Service: Breast cancer products

Description of Support: Impact One sends breast prosthetics, bra, wig, and/or compression garment to (breast cancer) patients. These “Hope Boxes” serve a need for functional products.


Kits to Heart

Product/Service: Gift box

Description of Support: Kits to Heart provides a customized kit to (any cancer) patients. Items are chosen based on age, gender, and cancer type.

Note: Need to pay for shipping.


Look Good, Feel Better

Product/Service: Gift bag and classes

Description of Support: Look Good provides (any cancer) patient with a gift bag of cosmetics. They also offer online courses such as Skin Care and Makeup, Wigs and Head Coverings, Scarf Tying Techniques, and Body Image, Wardrobe, and Styling.


Love is Louder than Cancer

Product/Service: Wallets of Love (gifts and giftcards)

Description of Support: Love is Louder supports (any cancer) patient currently in treatment. Although they focus on the Dallas, TX area- they will support patients as funds allow.


Lydia Project

Product/Service: Gift bag

Description of Support: Lydia Project sends custom totes filled with small gifts to (any cancer) patient for a suggested $10 mailing fee. They also offer weekly prayers.


My Hope Bag

Product/Service: Gift Bag

Description of Support: My Hope Bag delivers a gift bag to a (breast cancer) patient. Although started to serve patients in Arizona, if supply allows, will deliver to other states.


Open Arms of Minnesota

Product/Service: Food

Description of Support: Open Arms delivers food to anyone with a life threatening medical condition (any cancer). Each week includes seven frozen meals, a bag of produce, and a half gallon of milk.


Pathways Healing

Product/Service: In person and digital service offerings.

Description of Support: Pathways’ mission is to provide resources and services for people with life-threatening or chronic physical illness (any cancer) — as well as caregivers — to explore and experience complementary healing approaches.


Pink Daisy Project

Product/Service: Gift Cards

Description of Support: Pink Daisy Project provides gift cards for women currently in, or within 3 months, of breast cancer treatment.


Pink It Forward

Product/Service: Gift Package

Description of Support: Pink it Forward provides packages for women currently in breast cancer treatment individuals who live in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, or Montana.


Pink Wig Project

Product/Service: Pink Wig

Description of Support: The Pink Wig Project sends any (breast cancer) patient a pink wig. Patients need to provide a wig prescription from their oncologist.


Tenaciously Teal

Product/Service: Care Pack

Description of Support: Tenaciously Teal provides (any cancer) patient with a Care Pack of items. Interested groups can also host a Care Pack “Pack Party”.

The Gracie Foundation

Product/Service: Gift bag

Description of Support: The Gracie Foundation sends (any cancer) patient a gift bag. They also send Gracie’s inspirational memoir.


Tigerlily Foundation

Product/Service: Variety of products and services- also monetary grants

Description of Support: Tigerlily support patients (breast cancer) by educating, advocating for, and empowering, young women, before, during and after breast cancer.



Product/Service: Cosmetic kit (Best Face), toys for children (Busy Box), wigs, support services

Description of Support: Sharsheret is a Jewish organization that supports (breast and ovarian cancer) patients of all backgrounds and faiths with a variety of products and services.


Stay Beautiful Foundation

Product/Service: Stay Beautiful Box including a variety of beauty products

Description of Support: Stay Beautiful is an organization supporting (any cancer) patients currently undergoing cancer treatments.


Turban Project

Product/Service: Headwear

Description of Support: Turban Project uses monitary donations to buy fabic and provide headwear to (any) patient with medical hair loss. Bulk orders can be delivered to cancer centers.


Verma Foundation

Product/Service: Human hair cap wigs

Description of Support: The Verma Foundation provides a human hair cap wig to (any cancer) patients with hair loss, free of charge.